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ePropulsion Vaquita Paddleboard Motor

ePropulsion Vaquita Paddleboard Motor

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ePropulsion's Vaquita stand up paddleboard motor is a choice for paddleboarders who want an extra boost! At full power, a Vaquita battery lasts for 70 min. At half speed, 5 hours. The Vaquita is your good helper in an island-hopping trip, a downwind ride, and a lake tour! Working with two fin box adapters and a universal adapter, the Vaquita could be installed on any SUP. It takes 2 min only to complete the deployment in 4 steps. It features 8 speeds forward, a LED indicator, and emergency stop function. You will find it easy to control. The elastic wristband is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear for hours. The 4 LED indicator lights keep you informed of the real-time status of the battery.

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