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Electric Outboard Sales

We are a dealer for ePropulsion, Torqeedo and Elco, three of the most prominent manufacturers of electric outboards. Motors of 5hp and smaller are often truly plug and play, do not require professional installation, and can be shipped anywhere in the continental US. We typically have most ePropulsion Spirit models in stock at our Long Island location. Electric outboards that are not in stock on Long Island can be drop shipped to anywhere in the continental US in about a week.

Repower Your Boat

You're ready to repower your boat with an electric outboard. We're here to make it happen. Or maybe you still have some questions? We're here to answer them. There's a lot to figure out when switching from an internal combustion engine to electric; it's not quite as simple as ordering an engine through a dealer and having your marina switch it out. When a customer approaches us about repowering their boat, the steps are typically as follows:​


We'll teach you about electric outboards and help you decide if your boat and what you use it for is a good fit for an electric outboard. Mostly stay in the bay and use your boat for a few hours at a time? Let's do it! Do you run 100 miles offshore to go tuna fishing? Well, the technology isn't quite there yet. If an electric outboard isn't right for you, we'll tell you. ​

Choose a Motor

In the US, there are a number of companies that have electric outboards on the market. We'll discuss the costs, advantages and drawbacks of each system and help you decide which is best for you. ​

Install & Integrate

We'll swap out your old internal combustion engine with your new outboard motor. We'll integrate it with your existing 12 volt system, install the new throttle, remove any old gauges, and take care of any electrical or fiberglass work needed to bring it all together. We'll also install the charger in your boat, dock, marina or garage.


Your new electric motor will be a bit different than the outboards you're used to. Quieter, cleaner, and much more responsive. The throttle will be more sensitive you won't be able to hear if the engine is on or off! It's not difficult to learn how to use your new electric boat, but one of our USCG licensed captains will take you out on the water and make your transition to electric boating quick and easy.


We're here to help you with any issues that may arise after your boat is up and running. We are in the process of becoming a Torqeedo Service Partner.

Build Your Own Custom Electric Boat

Building your own boat may sound difficult, but it's easier than you'd think! While fiberglass boats are popular because they are relatively cheap to mass produce, aluminum is generally regarded as the ideal material for boat building. It's stronger, lighter and much easier to customize than fiberglass- there'a a reason that aluminum is the most common choice for small workboats, emergency services, high latitude sailors and our military.
There are a number of companies that sell aluminum boat "kits." These kits contain the plans, cutting and design files necessary to construct an aluminum boat. We can help you choose a kit that's appropriate for the boat you're looking for and work with the designer to tailor it to your needs and an electric motor. After the design process is complete, the aluminum is cut to size and then welded together. The systems are added, batteries and engine(s) are installed, and your boat hits the water! We work with experienced welders and naval architects based in Rhode Island. See renderings below for one of the electric aluminum boats that we currently have in the works!

Integrate Solar Charging At Your Home

An electric boat doesn't have any direct emissions, but its overall environmental impact is highly dependent on the source of the power used to charge it. For some boats, it's possible to add solar panels to the boat, but for others that may not be practical. Solar is a great option to power your boat as well as your home. Our solar roots run deep; TR Ludwig, one of the founders of EMO Electric, is also the CEO and Co-Founder of Brooklyn Solar Works. We can work with local solar installers to add a solar system to your home or dock. If you keep your boat at a marina, we can work with them to explore solar installation options there.
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