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Bilge Buddy

Bilge Buddy

Bilge Buddy

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Bilge Buddy is a smart bilge monitoring device that connects your bilge to the internet via cellular network. Bilge Buddy allows the user to operate their bilge remotely from their smartphone, among other features listed below. Please note that Bilge Buddy requires an annual subscription of $149.99/year, which can be purchased on their website

Connect, Remotely Monitor Your Boat, Stop Accidents Before They Occur.

Connect your boat with the cellular BilgeBuddy device, making it a smart boat that can be monitored remotely on the app from where ever you are.

  • Patent pending technology enables proactive daily pump tests and the high water sensor acts as a second auto-float when the primary float fails.
  • Monitor battery voltage & health, break-away, impacts and freezing temperatures.
  • Notifications let you fix problems before they arise.

How BilgeBuddy keeps your boat safe

Flooding Detection & Sinking Prevention

  • Detect moderate & extreme water levels.
  • Automatically purge high water when auto-float fails.
  • Analyze frequency & reason for bilge cycles.

Bilge System Health Monitoring

  • Ensure functioning bilge pump.
  • Proactive pump electronic health monitoring.
  • Detect Auto-float malfunction.
  • Alert of helm switch accidentally left on.

Battery System Health Monitoring

  • Remotely check if enough voltage to start engines.
  • Battery discharge & charging trends.
  • Detect alternator & shore power system malfunction.

Break-away Alerts & Location Services

  • Alert when your boat leaves its home base unexpectedly.
  • Remotely monitor when others use your boat.
  • Cloud backup of trips and usage.
  • Back-up navigation system.

Impact Detection & Damage Prevention

  • Detect impacts with dock.
  • Detect major collisions.

Freeze Damage Prevention & Storm Monitoring

  • Prevent damage during quick freezes.
  • Storm warnings & monitoring. (coming soon)

Why BilgeBuddy?

  • Affordable: Better data, better insights and more alerts for much less (get started at $350 vs $500-$1000 alternatives).
  • Proactive: Know you have an issue before you start taking on water.
    • Patented technology enables proactive bilge system failure alerts compared to reactive water level monitoring of alternatives.
    • Our high water sensor doesn’t just tell you you’re sinking when the float switch fails, it turns on the bilge pump and gets rid of the water.
  • Easy installation: No more snaking wires. Patented technology produces the same insights from single device compared to expensive multi-sensor wireless systems or hard-to-install hardwired sensor systems. Especially when your batteries and pumps are spread out.
  • Accessible: Owned, engineered, assembled, developed and supported in the USA.

How is Bilge Buddy Installed?

Easy Installation. No Snaking Wires. No Separate Expensive Sensors.

Installation of BilgeBuddy is straightforward. If you've replaced the bilge pump in your boat, you shouldn't have a problem installing BilgeBuddy yourself. Any marina or marine electrician should be able to install BilgeBuddy with ease. Installation can typically be completed in less than 30 minutes by professionals and about an hour by DIYers. Read more about the installation and view wiring diagrams here.

BilgeBuddy pairs with all common 12V bilge pumps & floats.

  • Patent pending technology allows for an easy installation with a few simple connections. A single device, connected into your existing wiring. No snaking.
  • Our instructions get most DIYers & all professionals up and running in minutes. All you need are wire strippers and a lighter.  We provide the rest.


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