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Navigator Boats

Inflatable Boat Navigator LP 320BK - 10.5ft

Inflatable Boat Navigator LP 320BK - 10.5ft

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Inflatable boat Navigator LP 320BK is a product of European quality.

Inflatable boat Navigator LP 320BK has been popular with fishing and water recreation fans for more than 15 years for its high quality and reliability.

This 3-person boat has a U-shaped cylinder with a reinforced transom made of waterproof plywood. The Cylinders are divided into 4 pressurized compartments (nose, left, right, and an inflatable keel). Thanks to the full cut of the fabric, the patented boat shape has 4 circular and 2 longitudinal seams, which ensures high tightness of the cylinders and minimizes seam leakage.

The Navigator Advantage –  Navigator Inflatable boat offers:

  • The newest joining technology –  thermal welding method.
  • The original design of the cylinder – shape narrows down to the nose, thus boosts marine performance.
  • The minimum number of joining seams.
  • Increased tightness and reliability of the cylinders.
  • The Longitudinal and circumferential seams are heat-welded.
  • The V-shaped keel bottom improves performance and reduces shock loads during wave passage.
  • Improved ride quality thanks to hydrodynamic contours.
  • The course stabilizers (keel) installed in the stern provide better directional stability.
  • Switching to gliding mode starting with 2.5 hp motors (depends on the model).
  • High-quality hull material – Boats are made of high-quality boat German PVC Valmex or Plastel produced by Mehler Texnologies with a density of 750 – 1000 g / m2, ensuring their long-term operation without additional processing of seams.
  • The movable seat support system is used to accommodate passengers in the boat comfortably.
  • The use of a book-type floor dramatically speeds up the process of assembling and disassembling the boat.
  • Team of professionals. 100% quality control at every technological stage.
  • 5-year warranty


  • The welded frame of the cylinders is divided into 3 independent pressurized compartments.
  • A 9 cm wide rubber protector (teardrop rubbing strake) is glued around the tube.
  • A lifeline 8-10 mm thick is mounted around the outer perimeter of the boat.
  • Floor-type – book type floor (4-section) 9 mm thick, wooden boards are connected to each other with PVC strips, 1 piece which folds as a flyer/book.
  • Reinforced stationary transom made of marine grade water-resistant plywood 18 mm thick is installed under a certain angle to the cylinders to boost performance. The upper part of the transom is equipped with a protective strip, the sides have special motor-mount planks.
  • To transport the boat, 2 handles on the ends of the cylinders may be used.
  • The universal towing handle in the bow, made of durable plastic, is used for towing and anchoring the boat.
  • A towing ring and anchor roller is used to attach the anchor cable to the bow.
  • The boat is equipped with a pressure-control safety valve.

Included in Box

Standard complete package of an inflatable boat (LP-series):

  • Two movable seats that are easily adjusted along the entire length of the rails.
  • Two detachable aluminum oars – 1.4 meters long.
  • Inflatable boat foot pump – 6 liters.
  • Small repair kit (PVC patch, glue, valve instrument).
  • Operation manual.
  • Transporting bag for the boat – 1 pc. (fits in a car trunk)
  • Transporting bag for book type floor – 1 pc. (fits in a car trunk)


Brand, model: Navigator LP 320BK

Boat type: Roll-up Boat with an inflatable keel and a book-type floor

Body material: Valmex or Plastel PVC, Mehler Texnologies

Length overall, (ft): 10,5

Length inside, (ft): 6,89

Width overall, (ft): 4,86

Width inside, (ft): 2,13

Outer length, cm: 320

Outer width, cm: 148

Number of chambers:  3

Diameter of cylinders, mm: 400, (1,31ft)

The density of the boat cylinder material, g / m2: 1000

The density of the boat bottom material, g / m2: 1000

Floor-type: Book-Type Floor

Bottom type: Inflatable Keel

Transom Type: Reinforced Transom

Transom height, mm: 381, (ft) / S,L · 1,35/S (15″)

Transom thickness, mm: 18

Passenger capacity, people: 3

Loading capacity, kg: 360 (800 lbs)

Recommended motor power, HP: 5

Maximum engine power, HP: 8

Standard set includes: Anchor roller (roller)

Handles for transportation, pcs: 2 on the ends of the cylinders

Paddle length, cm: 160

Oarlocks type: rotary, pin type

Overall weight, kg: 38, (84lb)

Boat bag size, cm: 115 * 40 * 40

Deck bag size, cm: 90 * 70 * 10

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