First impressions on the ePropulsion eLite electric outboard

First impressions on the ePropulsion eLite electric outboard

ePropulsion announced the eLite, their new 1.5hp/500W electric outboard earlier this year. At only $999 and 15 pounds (including the battery), it's the lightest and most competitively priced electric outboard on the market with an integrated battery. The eLite was on display for one of the first times at ePropulsion's booth at the Miami boat show, and we were there to check it out!

We're excited about the eLite electric outboard. It has a number of great features:

  • Adjustable tilt: The ePropulsion eLite locks into three tilt positions: all the way down, all the way up (75 degrees) and shallow water mode (36 degrees). We're happy to see that ePropulsion has added a partially down trim angle, as this is a very useful feature that some electric outboards lack.

  • Easy on/off transom bracket: The ePropulsion eLite has a transom bracket that attaches to the stern like most outboards. But what sets the ePropulsion eLite apart is the ability to remove the motor from the bracket. Simply press the blue button on the transom (you don't need to hold it) and you can remove the eLite from the bracket. It slides right back on when you're ready to put the eLite back on to your boat.

  • Integrated battery: The battery for the ePropulsion eLite is integrated into the motor itself, so you don't have to worry about taking it on and off. At the time of this writing, it's not possible to add an external battery to extend your range, but we expect that to change in the future.

  • Lightweight: At only 14.7 pounds, the ePropulsion eLite can be easily lifted by kids and adults of all ages. The entire eLite weighs less than the ePropulsion Spirit battery! The bracket for the ePropulsion eLite weighs just 2.7 pounds.

  • Complete package: A carrying bag is included with the ePropulsion eLite at no additional cost.

  • It's small: We were surprised by how small the ePropulsion eLite is. This electric outboard will barely take up any space, which is great for cruising sailors!

  • USB C charging output: Charge your phone or anything that can be charged with a USB C cable, thanks to the integrated USB C power output on the ePropulsion eLite.

  • The tiller: The ePropulsion eLite's tiller handle is adjustable in a few ways. It can be extended (the end pulls out once you press the blue button on the end) and its angle is adjustable. It folds all the way down, which makes it easy to carry, and it can be angle up above 90 degrees, which will be helpful to some sailors who can run into issues with the tiller handle hitting their stern.

  • Adjustable shaft length: The shaft length of the ePropulsion eLite can be adjusted between four settings: 15.8in, 14.27in, 12.7in and 11.1in. The largest transom that will fit the eLite is about 15.5 inches in height. ePropulsion Spirit owners who want to make the switch can do so if they currently use a Spirit with an extra short shaft. Boats that need a short or long shaft Spirit will not be able to use the eLite, as its shaft won't be long enough.

  • Adjustable steering friction: You can adjust the steering friction on the ePropulsion eLite, which is important for some sailors. Tightening the steering friction allows you to take your hand off of the eLite tiller without the motor turning. You can then use your sailboat's rudder to steer.

We will have our first shipment of ePropulsion eLite electric outboards in early April. The quantity is limited and we only have a few preorders left- head over to our online store to reserve yours today! The eLite will be regularly available at some point in May.

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