EMO Electric Now Offers ePropulsion Electric Boat Motors & More!

EMO Electric Now Offers ePropulsion Electric Boat Motors & More!

EMO Electric is proud to announce that we have become a dealer for ePropulsion, who manufactures electric outboard, electric inboard, electric pod drive and electric paddleboard motors! Until now, there has been no Long Island ePropulsion dealer. We couldn't be more excited to offer ePropulsion's products to our community and help get more electric boats out on the water!

ePropulsion was founded in Hong Kong in 2012 by Danny Tao and three other engineering students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Danny loves water sports and was fascinated by electric boating, and began experimenting with electric boat propulsion while he was still in university. ePropulsion's headquarters are in China, where they also manufacture their electric boat motors. Mack Boring is ePropulsion's distributor in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, so EMO Electric will be able to sell ePropulsion products all over the Americas!

ePropulsion's flagship product is their Spirit electric outboard motor. The Spirit is a 3hp/1kW electric outboard that is a direct competitor to Torqeedo's Travel Series electric outboard. The Spirit electric outboard is available in two models, the Spirit 1.0 Plus and the Spirit Evo. These two motors look almost identical, but the 1.0 Plus comes at a lower price point ($2599), and the Spirit Evo packs more features at a higher price point ($3129).

Both the Spirit 1.0 Plus and the Spirit Evo electric outboards use the same 1276Wh battery, which even floats if you drop it in the water! All ePropulsions electric outboard and electric pod drive motors 9.9hp and under run at 48 volts and are compatible with solar charging. Both Spirit models can be use with the standard battery that fits on top of the prop shaft or can be connected to a larger external battery. The Spirit 1.0 Plus is only available in a tiller model, which is permanently attached to the shaft and can be folded down when not in use.

The Spirit Evo boasts some exciting features! Sailors will be happy to learn that the electric outboard has hydrogeneration ability; simply leave the motor down while you're sailing and it will charge the battery! The Spirit Evo is available in a tiller model with a backlit screen, or can be used with a top mount or side mount remote throttle that communicates with the motor via Bluetooth, no cables required! The Spirit Evo can also be used with a remote safety wristband in lieu of a traditional kill switch. If the person wearing the wristband gets too far away from the electric outboard, the Evo will shut off.

ePropulsion's Navy Evo series includes two larger electric outboard motors, the Navy Evo 3.0/6hp and the Navy Evo 6.0/9.9hp. Both of these motors run at 48v, have hydrogeneration ability, can be integrated with solar changing, and can be used the with remote safety wristband. The Navy Evo series are available in tiller or remote steering options, and the remote throttle is available in a top mount, side mount, or dual throttle configuration. ePropulsion's electric pod drive series have very similar features to the Evo electric outboards and are available in three sizes: 1kW/3hp, 3kW/6hp and 6kW/9.9hp.

All of the ePropulsion electric boat motors 9.9hp and smaller run at 48 volts. The Spirit series has an integrated battery, but can also be used with a larger external battery. ePropulsion recently released two new batteries, the E60 (3kWh) and E163 (8.3kWh), which are both IP67 rated. ePropulsion also offers electric inboard boat motors that run at 96 volts and are available in 10kW, 20kW and 40kW power ratings. These motors are powered by the 96 volt 10.2kWh G102-100 battery.

In addition to electric boat motors, ePropulsion makes some very cool water related products. The Vaquita, which is currently available from EMO Electric, is a small electric motor for stand up paddleboards and boasts a top speed of 7mph! At full power, the Vaquita runs for about 70 minutes, and at half power it has a run time of about five hours! ePropulsion is also in the process of developing the Mertek electric surfboard and an underwater drone!

We couldn't be more excited to begin working with ePropulsion and offer their products. This partnership brings us one step closer to making boating more sustainable! If you'd like more information or an ePropulsion quote, please don't hesitate to send us an email. Happy electric boating!

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