EMO Electric Now Offers Torqeedo Electric Outboards

EMO Electric Now Offers Torqeedo Electric Outboards

EMO Electric is excited to announce that we have become a dealer for Torqeedo's line of low-voltage electric outboard engines! We will also offer repowers with Torqeedo's Deep Blue line of high horsepower, high-voltage electric outboard and electric inboard engines with our parters at Great Lakes Power.

Torqeedo is a pioneer in electric marine propulsion. Founded in Germany in 2004, Torqeedo was one of the first companies to manufacture and design modern electric outboards from the ground up. Today, they are one of the largest manufacturers of electric boat engines in the world, with their engines powering over 100,000 electric boats across the globe. Torqeedo is active in more than 100 countries and has over 2,000 sales, service, and boat builder partners.

Despite Torqeedo's size, it's not easy to find a dealer on Long Island with electric boat product demos available, until now! This summer, EMO Electric will offer sea trials on two electric boats with Torqeedo outboards. EMO Electric Co-Founder Luke Hickling will have a Travel 1103 CS on his 19' Flying Scot sailboat at Silly Lily Fishing Station. He uses the boat for sailing lessons and cruises for his other business, Moriches Island Sailing, and will also use it for sea trials for EMO Electric. We also plan to have a classic 1968 13' Boston Whaler powered by Torqeedo's Cruise 12 TR TorqLink for customers who would like to try an electric boat that gets up on the plane!

Torqeedo's low-voltage electric outboards are split into three product lines. The Ultralight series includes 1hp and 3hp electric outboards designed for kayaks, canoes and very light boats. The Travel series of electric outboards includes 2hp and 3hp motors for tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1.5 tons. The Cruise series includes 6hp, 9.9hp, 20hp, and 25hp electric outboards designed for motorboats and sailboats up to 12 tons. Torqueedo's Deep Blue line of electric outboards run at high-voltage and are offered in 40hp and 80hp.

We couldn't be more excited to begin working with Torqeedo and offering their electric engines. If you're interested in purchasing a Torqeedo electric outboard, please send us an email to luke@emoelectric.co for a detailed quote. And please check back soon for another post with more details on Torqeedo and their products. Happy boating!

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